Addictions Services

Counselling and Training


Private Counseling 

Are you looking for support for yourself or a loved one? We offer private, non-judgmental addictions training and counselling for adults and youth with our addiction’s specialist utilizing a gentle holistic and trauma informed approach. Recovery and healing is possible for everyone with the appropriate guidance and support in a safe environment. 

We provide counselling for substance abuse addictions and behavioral addictions eg. gambling, pornography, screen time addictions.


$130 plus gst/ hr Youth & Adult 

$150 plus gst/hr Youth ages 12-24 yrs (In home counselling sessions)

We accept cash, debit, e-transfer and credit cards  

Free educational seminars for adults & youth

We’re here to help and provide support. We offer free educational seminars about drug and alcohol addictions for your schools and workplaces. We will provide extensive information and provide resources for those who are looking to get help. 


You will better understand: 

· Addiction as a brain disease, and how the brain gets and stays addicted

· Identify the harmful impact of alcohol and drugs, and how they are affecting your life

· Recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse in your life and in the workplace and the stages of change

· Detoxification and the Dangers of Relapse 

· Myths about addiction and its treatment 

· Take “action” to help abuse problems for yourself/others and build a meaningful and satisfying life

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