Integrative Nutrition Health Counselling

Hello, I am health coach Ashley Pharazyn. I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in December 2013. During my training I was taught how to help people navigate through diet and lifestyle changes so they are able to find their health and happiness. I am grateful for these skills as they helped me overcome the biggest health struggle. After years of eating loads of sugar, fast food and late nights on weekends the whispers my body had been telling me became loud and clear​. At the worst point I was covered in eczema, had between 70-80 food sensitivities and allergies, my the lowest weight I had been in my adult life, my body was full of inflammation, I had a miscarriage and I was exhausted.​After a number of doctor visits I found my homeopathic doctor who helped show me the way to heal my body. It took years to cause the damage, and I am still healing. The difference now is that I feel strong, healthy, I can eat any food without any flare ups, I have two healthy sons and am full of energy.


6 Month Health Coaching Program

Are you looking for a connection to a higher power, spirituality, and belief in yourself or finding a job and purpose that you love? Perhaps you are looking for Inspiration to unreel and let go of relationships that are no longer serving you? This allows room to build strong, supportive, and foundational connections. Health Coach Ashley Pharazyn can help you move forward when you are feeling stuck.

The 6 month health coaching program includes 12 sessions specific to the needs of each individual client. Bio-individuality means that we are all individual people with individual needs. A healing plan is not one size fits all, every session is designed around what the client needs in order to find their way back to healthy and no longer feeling stuck.

Health and Wellness Coach Ashley

Meet Ashley

The lifestyle detox program

The Lifestyle Detox Program helps bring clarity to the overwhelming amount of information available about how to live a cleaner and less toxic life. We will begin in your kitchen, reading labels, and making sure we know what we are putting in our bodies. Next, we move on to body care products, what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Our home environment can have hidden toxins that we may not even know about. Then moving on to the digital detox, how we can all benefit from the right frequency of light and spending less time in electronics blue glow. Finally, mind detox, what we can do to help clear out clutter to help feel more grounded and present.

Covering 5 areas:

  • Session 1: Fridge and Pantry Detox
  • Session 2: Body Care Products Detox
  • Session 3: Home Environment Detox
  • Session 4: Digital Detox
  • Session 5: Mind Detox

The 5 R’s Gut Reset Program

If you are suffering from digestive upset the 5 Rs Program can help you determine what the main issues could be. As a health coach, Ashley does not diagnosis-specific diseases, first check in with your health care provider if pain and discomfort are intolerable. The program focuses on how to soothe inflammation, what foods can help create strong digestion, and what foods to eat to help reintroduce a diverse beneficial bacteria population in the GI tract. The 5 Rs Program has a weekly guideline covering each R, then additional handouts to help the client’s specific needs. Focusing on Bio-individuality while guiding a client’s digestive system back on track, this is not a one program fits all approach.

Covering The 5 R’s

Session 1: Remove

what inflammation-causing foods to take out of the diet

Session 2: Repair

What to add in to help heal and soothe

Session 3: Restore

How to continue to rebalance and help create a healing environment in the gut

Session 4: Repopulate

Food and drinks to help add good bacteria in the digsetive tract

Session 5: Reintroduce

Gently reintroducing foods that were originally removed