Music Therapy


Individual & Group

Music Therapy is the use of music within the context of a therapeutic relationship, to support and achieve therapeutic goals. Music is verbal and non-verbal, and has creative, physical, cognitive, and emotional qualities. In a session these musical characteristics are used to facilitate receptive and expressive experiences, contributing to growth and personal development.

Rationale for music therapy

1. Facilitates expression in non-verbal persons as well as persons with other communication deficits

2. Provides motivational opportunities for learning in all domains of functioning 

3. Creates opportunities for positive social interactions and experiences 

Goals of Music Therapy 

1. To increase self-esteem 

2. To improve social skills and interactions 

3. To increase socialization 

4. To provide an environment, and experiences that foster self-expression and creativity 

5. To increase communication skills 

6. To expand awareness of self, others, and environment 

Music Therapy and Music Education 


Use music to meet goals 

Use of various instruments and techniques 

Specific goals for each student and/or group 

Create welcoming and enjoyable experience through music 


Music Therapy focuses on non-musical goals 

Music Therapy creates generalizations outside of music 

Focus on building a flexible therapeutic relationship rather than focus on global curricular outcomes 

Possible Session Settings 

Reminiscence Groups Community Groups (inclusive - caregiver and staff participation welcome) 

Adapted Lessons Individual Sessions 

Small Group Sessions Communication Groups ROM Small Group 


1 hr sessions $100 plus gst

We accept cash, debit, e-transfer and credit cards