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At Udynamics our mission is to provide support to individuals and families through counselling, education and mentorship. We strive to be a genuine and authentic service removing unnecessary barriers and obstacles to accessing services. We strive to provide a high-quality of service through professionalism and integrity in our work. We utilize a holistic approach in our treatment and programming and respect the beliefs, dignity of each individual.

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We are currently looking for therapists and wellness practitioners. If are interested in being part of an amazing team, please email us at info@udynamics.ca 

We are currently looking for: 

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About Us

Founders Doug & Tracy Amouzouvi

As the founders of Udynamics, Doug and Tracy Amouzouvi bring over 35 years of experience working with children, youth, adults and families. We strive to promote health, healing and wellness for each individual and to inspire you to grow and live the most satisfying and meaningful life possible.

Director of Addictions Services & Nurse Therapist Doug Amouzouvi

Life can be difficult and overwhelming even at the best of times. Reaching out for support can help bring clarity and meaning to your situation and provide you with the support you need during these times. I want you to live the satisfying and meaningful life you deserve free of addictions, anxiety and depression. I view treatment holistically and through a trauma-informed lens. You are valuable and have unique gifts and abilities to share with the world.
I want you to know you are not alone. Your story and your journey are very important, and made you who you are today. You will encounter resistance when trying to make positive changes in your life, but we can use your fear and resistance as a compass which will help guide you to become the person you are intended to be.
For over 10 years, my specialty has been helping individuals with substance and/or behavioural addictions face the challenges during this journey. I believe anything is possible when you feel safe and supported. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this very moment. You can do it!

Nurse Practitioner Addictions Services Steven Wintoniw

Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior. Each person carries with them unique experiences that make it important to develop a personalized and mutually agreed upon, holistic treatment plan that incorporates evidence-based techniques and therapies to meet the individual at their stage of readiness. Whether you are looking for harm reduction support or feel abstinence is your goal, there is a treatment plan that can be tailored to help assist you in your recovery process.

Evidence-based Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), offers more than treatment for substance use disorders as is can be used as a tool to help you sustain recovery and prevent overdose. You can be prepared to conquer cravings, stabilize withdrawal and help manage co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression. Research shows that a combination of medication and therapy can successfully treat substance use disorders.

I am prepared to join you in finding the right treatment plan to help sustain recovery and reduce risk of overdose.

Therapist Jenna Edwards

Jenna is passionate about helping others achieve self-awareness and healing. She uses compassion and empathy to create a safe space where individuals can explore their therapeutic goals.
Jenna has 8 years working in mental health with adults and youth, having completed her Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba in 2014 ,  Jenna is currently working on her Masters of Social Work.
As a registered licensed social worker, Jenna has experience working with various populations case managing, counselling, facilitating groups and engaging in active therapy. Her tailored approaches involve psychosocial education, affect regulation, behavioural activation, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, self-compassion, and solution focused approaches.
She is client centered, collaborating on individual therapy to ensure the best fit for each person based on their needs, goals and preferences.
Some of the therapies she utilizes are cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, emotion focused, and narrative therapy. As a trauma informed practitioner, Jenna wants to help support and empower those she works with.

Clinical Specialist / Therapist Carla Pauls

Carla has been working in the field of mental health and addictions for over 20 years. She began her career in corrections, working with incarcerated youth and adults, learning that each person has a unique story and history which affects their ability to make good choices and feel some sense of control over their lives. Through that experience, she realized the importance of community and personal connections, and became interested in helping people see the resilience, and hope for the future in finding pathways for change, through meeting people where they are at.
Carla has worked extensively with First Nations clients while living in Alberta, providing support to individuals, families, and community both on and off reserve, and worked for twelve years as a school counsellor learning the importance of culture, identity, and finding new stories through narrative therapy both to honor the past, and encourage creative, empathic, and courageous links for the future, including past trauma, grief and loss, and abuse to allow a shift, believing that one small change can allow us to begin a new journey to creating the life we are meant to live.
Carla is experienced in working with persons living through trauma and abuse, persons experiencing anxiety, depression, and co-occuring disorders, addictions, relationship discord, parenting and attachment issues, and working with high risk and vulnerable populations.
Carla believes in a holistic approach to therapy, incorporating mindfulness, cultural rituals where appropriate. hypnotherapy, stories, art, music, and nature in sessions encouraging each client to celebrate the unique gifts and strengths they have to move towards personal empowerment and overall healing to achieve healthy relationships, boundaries, and goals.
Carla has and undergraduate degree from The University of Winnipeg in Conflict Resolution and Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Counselling. She is able to see clients for early morning appointments, evenings, and on the weekends if desired.

Therapist Mimi Brown

Mimi (Shamin) is a social worker and certified health and life coach.  Mimi specializes in therapy with youth and women. She has participated in the anti-trafficking movement for over 20 years as both a community member and professional. She has worked with at risk youth for over 15 years.  She is passionate about reducing vulnerability to gender-based violence through supporting females in finding their voice, owning their story and living their truth. With a trauma-informed focus on mindfulness, nutrition and movement. “I use the Transformational Habit Change Coaching Method to help stressed out women – who are tired of being stuck in a life they don’t want – transform their weight, energy, stress and confidence through lasting habit change. I help women who feel unworthy, overlooked, insecure and exhausted discover the path to finding their voice, owning their story and living their truth from a place of fierce and unapologetic self love”


Therapist Grace Odupitan

Grace is a licensed, trained social worker who specializes in providing counselling services for individuals and groups. Grace has 9 years of experience as a social worker with the elderly, children and family. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Social Work from University College Cork, Ireland in 2012. She is completing her Master’s Degree at University of Waterloo. Grace is skilled at developing comprehensive assessment, building interpersonal relationship with clients and providing crisis intervention for clients in needs.

Grace worked closely with indigenous clients who accessed emergency services. She is familiar with resources that client might benefit from. Grace enjoys building relationship with her clients, she beliefs that a healthy relationship is the key to successful therapeutic intervention. Grace brings diversity to her team; her education in Europe along with her African heritage helps clients to connect with her.

Some of the many tools that inform Grace’s practice include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which includes; mindfulness skills, Distress tolerance, Interpersonal effectiveness skills and emotional regulations skills. She also adopts attachment theory, strength based and solution focused approaches to work with clients in needs. Grace’s goal is to see her clients succeed and teach them with the skill that helps to deal with the helplessness of overwhelming emotion.

Therapist Giselle Bernardo

Embarking on this path called life is not always what we may perceive to be. There are twists, turns, and bumps that deter us in this journey may seem all so overwhelming and ambiguous. Sometimes it may take a few steps back to move a few steps forward. Seeking therapy is a steppingstone towards challenging those moments where we may   feel lost in our journey.
I would love to help you along your path in a supportive, empathetic, and non-judgmental environment. I believe we all have a story to tell!
Giselle has been working in the areas of mental health, geriatrics, and developmental disabilities for 14 years. She is a registered social worker (RSW). She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BSW) in 2007 and her Master’s Degree in Social work (MSW) in 2015, both from the University of Manitoba. She had the opportunity to work with individuals, couples, families, and groups at New Directions in areas of anxiety, depression, trauma, and inter-generational patterns of conflict.
She is passionate about mindfulness-based practice, disability, and cross-cultural awareness. She utilizes diverse approaches in therapy including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), narrative therapy, solution-focused and strength-based approaches.

Therapist Aimee Schwager

I strive to provide a safe, open and non-judgemental environment in sessions and interactions. I understand how nerve-racking and uncertain seeking services can be. I try to eliminate these barriers by making your experience as comfortable and safe as possible. I’m grateful to hear your story, help you flourish and guide you along your healing journey. You already have so much strength and resilience that I want to help further grow!

My therapeutic approaches include holistic, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, decolonized, anti-oppressive, empowerment, strengths-based and client-centered care. I have a diverse range of formal and informal education, training, and experiences in mental health, addictions, and social work. I’m continually learning and growing with ongoing professional development, mentorship, and research.

I’m available for individual, family and group counselling, coaching, mentorship, resource navigation, professional development, and psychoeducation opportunities within my scope of practice. I’m available to work with adults, children, and adolescents.

I use a variety of therapeutic techniques in practice tailored to each individual’s unique journey. Some examples of evidence-based techniques include CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), play therapy, expressive arts therapy, trauma work, psychoeducation, mindfulness, self-compassion, cultural practices, Motivational Interviewing, talk therapy, games, nature, crafting, cooking/baking, to name a few.

Some examples of experiences I work with include depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, addiction, recovery management, loneliness and isolation, parenting, family conflict, behavioral issues, self-esteem and body image, school experiences (preschool, elementary, middle, high school, university/college), life transitions, cultural identity, coping skills, burn out, stress management, suicidality, emotional awareness, and regulation, domestic violence and abuse, LGBTQ2S+* experiences, newcomer experiences, chronic pain and illnesses, resource navigation, career coaching and skill building, interpersonal communication, relationships, borderline personality disorder, learning disabilities, etc.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to chatting with you! Best wishes!


Health Coach Ashley Pharazyn

Ashley Pharazyn graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach in 2013. Since then she has been helping clients navigate digestive issues and find their hormonal rhythm. Through her business, My Quaint Traditions she teaches fermentation and cooking classes across Manitoba.

Bio-individuality means that we are all individual people with individual needs. A healing plan is not one size fits all, every body has different needs. While working with clients she will help add in healing foods and remove foods that cause inflammation and damage to the digestive system and body. Ashley has overcome her own health issues including candida overgrowth, leaky gut and chronic eczema and is passionate about helping others find their health.

As well as working with clients Ashley offers a number of hands-on cooking classes including, fermented foods, fermented drinks, hormone health, glowing skin, good fats snack class, and more.

As a health coach, I assess my client’s lifestyle, address health concerns, and then work with the client to make behavioral, nutritional, and other changes in order to promote better health and wellness.

Wellness Specialist Shannon Cesar

Aroma Touch Practitioner and Wellness Specialist Shannon has been in the Wellness field for over 12 years and has a background in Counselling. Shannon’s strong compassion for people and commitment to help them find solutions for their health and wellness is what she values. She offers a technique that combines the unique benefits
of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. She will also be offering a Wellness Consultation that incorporates the iTOVi scanner which uses innovative and institutionally
recognized technology to help develop a personalized Wellness Plan.

Health Consultant Rosetta Matthews

Health consultant, business mentor and essential oils advocate Rosetta Matthews has been in the Holistic Health field for over 20 years and wants to help you get started on a (w) holistic wellness journey that heals you from
the inside out. The ultimate goal is to develop an intention focused roadmap to achieve balance in your life. She has a Bachelor of Human Ecology, is a Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor and has a background in energy healing. Her passion to help people on their wellness journey has evolved into helping people set their own individual goals, develop strategies, put plans in place, and inspire others to find their own worth and potential.

Therapist Irma Pangborn

As a Master’s in Divinity Irma has 46 years experience providing counselling and therapy to children, youth, families and individuals who are struggling with grief and loss, depression, anxiety, sense of hopelessness and trauma.

Irma brings a genuine warmth and an unconditional compassion to her therapy. Irma believes life is a journey, sometimes a difficult one but there is always help available. You don’t have to walk this path alone.

Irma can provide you with kindness and support to help ease the difficulty of your journey. Let us show you how valuable you are and how possible it is to grow and to heal and become the person you are intended to be.

Active Therapist Daniel Fagerstrom Castro

Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and with a minor in Native Studies. In addition to being a licensed EMT-Paramedic for the Province of Manitoba, Daniel is studying a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Red River College. In 2009 Daniel started to work for the Coast Guard in Vancouver as an EMT-Paramedic. In Vancouver,   Daniel also expanded his knowledge in youth addictions working for the Greater Vancouver Youth Detox as a counsellor. In 2013 Daniel moved back to Winnipeg to work for the Southern Health authority as a Paramedic and for the Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit.

As a foster parent, Daniel has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities and young people that struggle with addictions.

In 2019 Daniel continues to expand his knowledge obtaining certification as a First Aid Instructor for the Canadian Red Cross teaching courses for youth and adults all over the city.

Daniel brings a sense of humour and zest for life into everything he does

Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Greschuk

Dr. Ryan has 9 year experience as a wellness-focused chiropractor. He graduated with Honours from Life Chiropractic College West in California. Dr. Ryan is the Author of “It’s Not Your Fault You’ve Been Lied To” and the creator of the High Performers Unfair Advantage. Dr. Ryan also has Training in functional neurology from Carrick Institute. Elevation Chiropractic will create custom tailored plans to fit clients’ busy lives and focuses on making lifestyle changes “automatic” and sustainable

Massage Therapist/ Craig Harren

Craig is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), registered Shiatsu Therapist and certified Ashtanga yoga instructor by David Swenson in Vancouver (2001), Yoga Dot Calm in Calgary (2005) and Yoga Shala (2008). A dedicated family man with a wife and three boys, Craig finds balance in life through his own yoga practice and brings compassion, warmth, harmony and natural healing to his massage clients and yoga students.


Addictions Counsellor Amber Dittberner

I am committed to improve the lives of those living with addiction in a non-judging environment. Using goal setting to achieve recovery with a counsellor who has achieved recovery themself.

I have over 9 years of sobriety from alcohol, I am a member of a 12 step program, and have been active in service work. I am a member & on the board of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, and have my Applied Counselling Certificate from the University of Manitoba specializing in Addictions (having completed courses at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba).

People of all ages and backgrounds experience problems with addictions, and they can make positive changes. I can help clients by providing tools for assessment, working through the 12 steps with them, maintain accountability, and use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to pave the road to recovery. I can  provide client centred services such as; Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Model, Levels of Involvement, Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Co-occurring Disorders Initiative.

Active Therapist Cassandra Valmestad

Hello! My name is Cassandra, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in criminal justice and sociology at the University of Winnipeg.
Currently, I am finishing up my applied counselling program through the University of Manitoba. Through a wide-variety of positions in the social services, I have gained vast experience that  has expanded my personal and professional growth as an individual, this includes my most recent position as a Family Violence Counsellor at a women’s shelter.
My therapy style can vary depending on the clients needs, however I mainly work from a foundation of emotion base therapy, client centered, harm reduction and trauma-informed practice.
I believe that the therapeutic relationship is essential when finding the right fit for therapy. Connection, empathy and an open mind is important to me. I believe that healing comes in many forms and I would like to help you discover what works for you. You are the expert of yourself!

Paramedic Daniel Fagerstrom Castro

Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and with a minor in Native Studies. In addition to being a licensed EMT-Paramedic for the Province of Manitoba, Daniel is studying a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Red River College. In 2009 Daniel started to work for the Coast Guard in Vancouver as an EMT-Paramedic. In Vancouver,   Daniel also expanded his knowledge in youth addictions working for the Greater Vancouver Youth Detox as a counsellor. In 2013 Daniel moved back to Winnipeg to work for the Southern Health authority as a Paramedic and for the Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit.

As a foster parent, Daniel has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities and young people that struggle with addictions.

In 2019 Daniel continues to expand his knowledge obtaining certification as a First Aid Instructor for the Canadian Red Cross teaching courses for youth and adults all over the city.

Daniel brings a sense of humour and zest for life into everything he does

Life Coach Calyssa Reimer

Calyssa has 9 years of experience working as a Youth Care Worker in shelters, group homes and crisis units. She obtained an Applied Counseling Certificate at Red River College in 2012, which gave her the tools to counsel and facilitate. She also graduated University of Winnipeg with an Education Degree in 2019. In two years as a teacher, Calyssa formed a strong belief in belonging and inclusion. She believes in helping children/youth feel safe, seen, heard, and understood by building a trusting rapport with them.

From all the above experience, Calyssa can emotionally connect in a therapeutic way with children and youth, helping them explore different ways to approach or have a different perspective to situations.

Currently, Calyssa is studying and practicing to become a Certified Life Coach. She is looking to specialize in relationships and spiritual self-development. Calyssa believes in a holistic approach to healing and wants others to find and develop their own inner power. She has a passion to assist people to reaching their goals and dreams, while building confidence in themselves. Please contact us if you would be interested in coaching and to book a discovery call with Calyssa.

Director of Services Alana Demler

I am so thrilled to be apart of the amazing and caring team at Udynamics Therapeutic Wellness Center. I am passionate about helping people with their life challenges and adopt a client centered approach and help clients to build on their strengths and attain personal growth.
I bring 26 years of experience working with individuals, groups and families in the areas of addictions, anger management, suicide intervention, assessment, crisis intervention and mental health. During my career, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings such as schools, hospitals, group homes, a youth crisis support program and The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba.
As the Director of Services, I look forward to providing overall support and management of programs and services offered by Udynamics as well as identifying community needs and establishing helping relationships; connecting individuals and families with therapeutic supports. Your experience at Udynamics is very important to me. My goal is for all Udynamics’ clients to find healing, support caring, and personal growth. If you are here, you have probably been exploring therapeutic options because of a difficulty or challenging time or experience.
We are here to support you. Please contact me anytime with questions or feedback via email at alanademler@udynamics.ca

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