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Therapy & Counselling Services

Most people, regardless of their specific challenges, can benefit from having an impartial observer listen and offer guidance. Because of therapy’s cost and time investment, however—as well as lingering stigma surrounding mental health—the decision to begin therapy isn’t always an easy one.

To determine whether therapy is the right choice for a particular individual, they should consider whether they feel sad, anxious, overwhelmed, or irritable more often than not; if yes, therapy would likely offer emotional support and help them develop the tools to manage their mental health. But strong negative emotions aren’t the only reason someone should seek therapy. If they are struggling with relationship challenges, feel stuck in their career, find themselves turning to drugs, alcohol, or food to cope with unpleasant events, or feel disconnected from the people around them, they may find therapy to be immensely helpful.

Our therapy services specialize in trauma, depression, anxiety, difficulty coping, addictions and relationship issues. We provide individual private therapy and counselling for adults and youth in a supportive, non judgmental environment with one of our qualified therapists.

Therapy is for everyone