Art Therapy



Individual & Small Group


Art Therapy uses the creative process to explore emotions, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem and provide support for youth ages 8-17yrs.

Our 6 week art therapy group is a fun group for youth ages 13-17  that allows an opportunity for youth to discuss difficult issues they face today in a supportive small group. Each session includes food, art work, art supplies and fun exercises to improve self esteem and emotional and mental well being. Our youth also have the opportunity to create art work for those who may feel forgotten.

Fee: $695.00 plus gst for 6 week series. Includes food and art supplies. 

Active Therapy

Being a youth in today's society is difficult and challenging. We provide private active therapy and support counselling for youth ages 12-24.


 Move beyond the boundaries of traditional therapy. Active therapy uses an individualized, strength based approach to overcome challenges, improve self esteem, teach life skills and strengthen relationships while being active in activities catered to an individuals cultural and holistic needs. 

Fee: $90-$100 plus gst per hour based on 10 hr contract. Activity expenses are included.

Youth Mentorship

Youth Mentorship

 We provide private support, mentorship and respite for caregivers for children and  youth ages 8-17 . Keeping children and youth active in healthy and culturally appropriate activities.  

Fee: $65.00 plus gst per hour based on 10 hr contract. Activity expenses are included. 

Independent Living Support

 We provide private support and transition services for youth and young adults ages 16-24 transitioning into independent living. Includes developing life skills such budgeting, resume writing, cooking and developing a positive support network.  

Fee: $70 plus gst per hour based on 10hr contract. Activity expenses are included.  

Free brunch and drop-in for young adults 16-24yrs on independent living-Saturdays 10-2pm



We specialize in small groups for parents ranging in topics:

  • How to talk so Kids will Listen 
  • Setting healthy boundaries with your adolescent in today's society
  • Managing social media and screen time.


Seeds of Hope

Join us for our 4 part parenting support series specializing in youth addictions including substance use, screen time usage and gambling.

"Seeds of Hope" is a four evening information series for parents who have concerns about their child's substance use, screen time usage and gambling.  Seeds of Hope will provide knowledge about substance use, managing screen time usage, gambling, self-care and parenting approaches for dealing with at risk youth.  

In this series you will learn to strengthen your understanding of how your child's use of substances, screen time and gambling affects everyone.   We will introduce parent response strategies that may assist and support youth in making healthier choices, while also  re-introducing the principles of self-care to aid parents in maintaining health and well being.  An introduction of other available supports and services will also be shared.

Single- $195.00 plus gst/ 4 sessions 

Couple-$295.00 plus gst/4 sessions