Individual Therapy

Therapy is a process of self-discovery, healing and finding hope in difficult circumstances. Once you choose hope, anything is possible..”

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Youth Therapy

Being a youth in today’s society is difficult and challenging. We provide private therapy and support counselling for individuals.
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Family Counselling

Would you like to reduce conflict and improve communication in your family? Parenting in today’s society can be extremely challenging.

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Counselling & Therapy

Therapy is for everyone

We specialize in trauma, depression, anxiety, difficulty coping, relationship difficulties and addictions counselling for all ages.

We provide individual and couples private therapy in a supportive, non judgmental environment utilizing a gentle holistic approach and evidence based practices including DBT and EMDR.


Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Program

At Udynamics, we view treatment though a holistic lens and explore all areas of your health and wellness including mental, emotional, physical health and spiritual health. Through customized treatment planning we believe in supporting you step by step through your recovery with the support of an entire team helping you along your journey. Our outpatient program includes drug, alcohol and behavioral addiction treatment, trauma informed therapy, a customized recovery treatment plan, family and community centered treatment, peer support, mental health assessments, medical screenings, life coaching and a variety of other programs to help you rebuild your life. We strive to reduce barriers to treatment and will create a customized treatment plan for your recovery using both abstinence or harm reduction treatment.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible….

Our Services

Life Coaching

Would you like to make some positive life changes or improve your personal and professional relationships?  Ask about our one to one life coaching
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Active Therapy

Being a youth in today’s society is difficult and challenging. We provide private active therapy and support counselling for individuals.

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Massage Therapy

Relax your body and mind. Help relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and…

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Health & Wellness Consultations

We provide comprehensive health & wellness consultations facilitated by our wellness practitioners that may include follow up sessions
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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

We are most accustomed to thinking of yoga as the ability to stretch and move the body into different positions, but this is only one aspect of the practice. Awareness and control of Prana (a subtle form of breath and energy) is also utilized to gain the focus of mind.

The Ashtanga Vinyasa system of practice is a set sequence of postures meant to bring the body and the breath together. When the body and the breath work together, the mind is less distracted and is able to find focus.

Join us for our candlelight class (online).

Essential Oils

Be your own creator of health and wellness in all areas of your life. Improve your mood, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system.

Meet The Team

Founders Doug & Tracy Amouzouvi

As the founders of Udynamics, Doug and Tracy Amouzouvi bring over 35 years of experience working with children, youth, adults and families. We strive to promote.